Claire helps inspire people to put their health in their own hands.

She is an author, blogger and advocate for patient and healthcare collaboration. This was sparked by her personal journey with a brain tumor and brain surgery.

It was as a patient she realized the importance of partnering with her healthcare team and becoming her body’s own advocate. It was a T.E.A.M Approach to manage her health. She also had to take responsibility and put her health in her own hands.

Claire authored Two Steps Forward – Embracing life with a Brain Tumor – based on her personal journal from diagnosis to recovery from brain surgery.

In her quest for collaboration between patients and health care teams, she co-authored a collaborative study between patients and neurosurgeons at Johns Hopkins University: The impact of surgical resection on headache disability and quality of life in patients with colloid cyst (Cephalalgia, May 10, 2016). She has recently initiated a new study focused on quality of life in patients with glioblastoma muiltforme, keen to ensure more information is available about this aggressive form of brain cancer.

She was a speaker at TEDxStanleyPark 2018 on the topic of “Your Health is in your Hands”. Watch her talk here.